For that want to succeed
in their coordinated efforts

“Vi har fat i noget af det, som vi har manglet i årevis. Vi har hidtil målt internt i søljer, arbejdsmiljø, lokalt set. Nu kan vi rent faktisk måle og dokumentere, hvor dygtige vi er til at samarbejde om opgaven.”

Charlotte Veilskov, Børn- og Kulturdirektør, Haderslev Kommune
What is Joint Action Analytics?

We help organizations solve complex cross-organizational challenges

Joint Action Analytics measures the quality of cooperation at the management, employee and case level. You get data pointing to areas of your organization where cooperation is sub-optimal, as well as methods for improving these issues.


Overview and insight

Joint Action Analytics identifies strengths and weaknesses in the quality of cooperation within your organization, and provides insight into the nature of challenges requiring action.


A new language

A shared understanding of strengths and weaknesses is essential for working with Relational Capacity. Joint Action Analytics gives you a new common language for talking about and optimizing cross-organizational cooperation in your organization.


A common project

With a common overview, a shared understanding and a new language, the quality of cooperation becomes a collective project for everyone involved. As a result, management is better able to keep a focus on the challenges requiring coordinated efforts.


A new space for action

Tasks involving coordinated efforts across organizational departments and areas of expertise are often highly complex, as responsibilities rest in the hands of many different people. A common focus on a complex task enables an innovative culture and new spaces for action where processes and solutions are developed.

No-obligation demonstration

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The best way to assess Joint Action Analytics is to experience it first-hand. Book a meeting with one of our expert consultants, who will illustrate how Joint Action Analytics works. We base our demonstration on your situation and together we explore and determine how you can strengthen and improve coordinated efforts in your organization.