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“Joint Action Analytics enables us to chart a common course that leads us to a much better place for our citizens.” Camilla Trud Nereid, Municipal Director of Child and Educational Services, Trondheim Municipality, Norway
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Joint Action Analytics provides what you need to tackle your complex cross-organizational challenges. You’ll get data showing where cooperation in your organization is sub-optimal, as well as methods for improvement.

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What is Joint Action Analytics?


Analysis platform

You can quickly and easily map out the quality of cooperation in your organization, including reports that provide a solid overview and point to concrete opportunities for improvement.



Our training enables you to identify challenges and better understand collaborative relationships. We provide training on interpreting the results and how your organization can work systematically to achieve your goals.



Our evidence-based methods build on the findings of our research and the work of international scholars. We conduct ongoing research and are continuously developing new best practice methods that you will have access to.



We provide advisory input, share our experience, and conduct training of your managers and staff.

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